It is with great pride and excitement that MESA offers a $2,000 one time scholarship to an eligible high school senior.  Any daughter, son, stepchild, or grandchild of a MESA member who has been an active member for the two previous consecutive years is eligible.

The MESA members are be extremely proud to honor Gahr in this way.

G. Gahr Finney devoted substantial time and effort to the elevator industry, we recognize, appreciate, and remember Gahr’s efforts. A veteran of the US Army and a life-long member of the Boy Scouts of America, Gahr spent almost 50 years of his life in the Elevator Business in one form or another. He started working in the field for Otis back in 1957 and eventually moved inside to the NYC Branch Office where he worked alongside one of our industry’s greats, George Strackosh. In the early 70’s, Gahr moved to Otis’ Boston Office where he later retired. A retirement which included working as a consultant for the Syska Hennessy Group. A QEI – Qualified Elevator Inspector license holder from the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities NAESAI, Gahr will be remembered for his loyal dedication to safety as Chairman of the Board for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Elevator Regulations. A close associate and friend, Fred Ilacqua says, “He was, and still is, a great source of knowledge. His sense for detail and fairness will be missed.”

The deadline date for MESA to receive a scholarship submission must be before May 31, of the scholarship year to be eligible. We urge participants to complete all of the requirements as quickly as possible and submit them early.

Individual members are permitted to submit one application. Corporate members are permitted to submit maximum of five applications.

Based on our previous applicants, the committee is anticipating a most difficult undertaking due the exceptional and outstanding achievements of the outstanding young people who have applied in the past. Take some time and let the talented young people related to you apply this year.

The MESA membership deserves high praise for making the G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholarship program possible, as of 2013 $28,000 has been awarded in Gahr’s name. To receive an application, please email your name, address, phone number, and email address as well as the name of the member to whom you are related or member company you are affiliated to G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholarship care of



2013 G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholars
Daniel Caughey, Son of John Caughey
Bridget Yako, Daughter of Mark Yako


2012 G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholars
Jill Keaney, Daughter of David Keaney
Chris Butler, Grandson of David Kenny, Jr.


2011 G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholars
John J. Caughey Jr., Son of John Caughey
Caitlin Fahey, Daughter of Chris Fahey


2010 G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholars
Alexander Marc-Aurele, Son of Steve Marc-Aurele
David Ilacqua, Grandson of Fred Ilacqua


2009 G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholars
Brittney Nolan, Daughter of Rich Nolan
Kelley Morgan, Daughter of Ed Morgan


2008 G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholars
Sarah Caughey, Daughter of John Caughey
Leah Kavalchuk, Granddaughter of David Kenney, Jr.


2007 G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholars
Kellie Burley, Daughter of Mark Burley
Angela Ferris, Granddaughter of Marty McKown