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Take a look at the CALENDAR tab to find out the location of the next MESA meeting.  Phillips Old Colony has closed, so we will be exploring our options for a few months.  Date is still:  Second Tuesday of the month at 12:30p

Previous Meeting Minutes

Meetings occur nine (9) months per year January through May and  September through December.  No monthly meetings for the summer hiatus in July, and August.

Monthly meetings are used to discuss safe work practices, introduce new products, discuss Code changes, discuss future Code direction, and share general industry happenings.  Attendees repPhillips Old Colony Freeport Tavernresent a cross-section of the entire Massachusetts elevator industry including consultants, elevator contractor employees, building owners, DPS representatives, and members of the Board of Regulations.

MESA Boat Cruise

Boston Belle

Started in 2010, MESA hosts a networking boat cruise out of N. Quincy.  Space has been limited to 55 sailors, details are updated in the spring and posted to calendar portion of this website.  Check the Calendar page for registration, typically we sail in July!

MESA Annual Golf Tournament


Late August or early September MESA holds a golf outing to support MESA’s       G. Gahr Finney Memorial Scholarship, click our Scholarship tab for more on that.  Since 2007, MESA has had a great turnout and huge support from the industry awarding more than $20,000 to date.  We have also undertaken an effort to support one charity each year with a donation to their efforts. Our first year, we made a donation to Homes for Our Troops, a non-profit that builds mortgage free homes for injured Veterans.   It is a great day of golf and camaraderie.  Registration and details are available under the Golf tab on this site, we will notify when registration is open via MESA email and the link will be posted on the calendar page.

DPS Elevator Task Force Group Meeting

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) has instituted an Elevator Task Group with the goal of opening a dialogue between the elevator contractors and the DPS.  This is a huge step in the right direction to help the elevator companies and DPS communicate better and solve problems.  After years of annual discussions at the MESA Safety Seminars, it is great to see the DPS committed to improving and communicating with the companies.

Initially, a quarterly meeting, in 2012 the DPS changed the program to a bi-annual time frame, while in 2013 the meetings were adjusted to be as needed, if you are interested in attending, contact the DPS directly  at 617-727-3200 or

Continuing Elevator License Training

MA requires continuing education for the maintenance of the elevator mechanic’s license.  As of 2014 providers included NEIEP, the DPS, Patrick Coyle, and CELT ( The DPS lists approved elevator schools at their site DPS Approved Elevator Schools Page .

MESA Elevator Safety Seminar (ESS)

Unfortunately, interest in the ESS has dimished. In the past, the Department Public Safety (DPS) provided four hours of content while MESA provided the other four hours for the education of DPS inspectors, industry personnel, consultants, and other interested parties. The idea was that the entire group heard the same message together and it was a chance to get to know one another, exchange ideas about elevators, new products, and Codes. MESA cancelled the 2012 Seminar when the DPS stopped sending the inspectors for the second consecutive year. MESA is still pursuing a commitment from DPS for the inspectors to re-engage with a re-vamped Seminar. In years past, the Seminar was held in October at the International Union of Elevator Constructors (I.U.E.C.) Local 4 in Dorchester, where the IUEC has been kind enough to host MESA’s Elevator Safety Seminar since 2006. The intent of the ESS is to provide a portion of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts inspector training, Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) re-certification credit, and provide an informational seminar for the local industry.

Updates and notification will be sent via MESA’s Constant Contact email system in the meantime suppliers interested in sponsoring a raffle prize and/or making a presentation are welcome to email MESA for more information about presenting a monthly MESA luncheon at