Meeting Minutes

MESA January Monthly Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes from the meeting on Tues 1/9/18:

Brian opened the meeting and introductions were made. Brian explained that Steve Sampson had to cancel but would reschedule. He introduced Mark Yako of GAL who gave a spirited history of GAL and overview of new controller and door products, and GAL’s purchase of Courion Doors.  Mark will send a synopsis of his talk to publish on the website.

Marks presentation can be found here

The business meeting opened with an update of the new website by Jim Joyce.  Jim reported that we can load the meeting presentations on the website for members to view later ( a benefit for the companies who present and all MESA followers).

We are working on getting the payment option on the website which required a lot of work on the MESA bank accounts – done by Dave.

Andrea reported that the cruise will be on July 19th.  The information will be on the website and signups can be done along with the membership application.  Also the membership applications are due in Jan 2018.  By Feb we should be able to confirm all members and list them on the website.

Rollie reported that the golf tournament ii in  its 12th year and  will be held August 29th. The tournament funds the scholarships and we hope to do 3 this year.  The proceeds are also used to donate to a  charity chosen by the membership.

In new business we  learned of John O’Donoghue’s recent health issues and the death of Charlie Smith of Stearns Perry Smith.

The safety message was given by Rollie and was about how to prevent and treat Hypothermia.  You should not be out more than ½ when temperature is below 20 degrees.  Wear a face mask, dress in layers, wear mittens, eat hi calorie hi carb meal before going out.  To treat hypothermia “Heat the Feet” using hot water bottles or warm towels.

Next meeting we will discuss Environmental, Health and Safety in a program by Harvard  (confirm this- I couldn’t hear Mark Burly)

This concludes the regular meeting.

Board Meeting (conducted after the meeting)

  1. We voted to contribute $100 to the charity listed on Charlie’s obituary
  2. WE discussed the legal physical address of MESA for 501 registration purposes.  It may be Dave’s home address
  3. Jim is investigating the payment features through constant contact
  4. We will announce the next NAEC show which will take place this year in Atlantic City.
  5. Jim will upload docs such as membership forms on the G-Cloud.
  6. The elections for board members will be yearly with a 90 day notice to the membership so that members have time to nominate themselves or someone else and the board members can announce their intensions on running again or stepping down- The election will be publicized in the hope that there will be interest in this level of involvement in MESA and the organization evolves with new ideas and more people can serve.

atteendance 1.9.18


MESA Board Meeting 11-1-2017

The executive board met on 11-1-17.  Present was Brian Hilfrank, President, Roland Locke, Vice President, Dave Gaudet,  Treasurer, Andrea Hunt, Secretary, Ursula Guthrie, Committee Chairperson, and Jim Joyce Communications Chairperson.  There is one open position for the executive committee and Matt Yellin was nominated.  Brian will contact Matt with the good news.


The agenda was put forth by Brian.  The first order of business was a review of the MESA articles of organization specifically a definition of the roles of the board and the executive committee.  The secretary will submit minutes of the monthly MESA meeting to the board to include in the constant contact email communication to all members. The board members committed to another year in their roles.


We then  discussed membership payment strategies, gathering contact information for membership purposes,  and the website as a tool to register for membership, golf, and cruise as a one stop pay.   Jim advised on the need to upgrade the website with an add-in to allow for these transactions.  The cost will be between $7 and $24.  We can then use Square, Paypal or another service.  This process will also help gather contact and member information to update our contact lists and help structure our website and meetings to serve our membership.  Andrea will provide a list of required information for registration on-line.


Dave reported that our Bank of America account credit card is costing about $96.00 per month for its use and we are not using it- so he will cancel the credit card account. Dave will also open a new Square account if necessary.  Dave gave Brian the second key for the new PO Box.

After some research, Dave advises that we file with the IRS as a trade association. He will apply for new EIN # as old number is no longer active. We will look into filing through Turbo Tax.


Jim obtained a new g-mail account in lieu of the old Hotmail. The new email will be sent to all contacts.


We confirmed that the membership levels will remain the same for 2018. $400 company will allow 2 lunches each meeting for any 2 people sponsored by that company; personal membership of $200 will allow that person lunch at each meeting; non-member lunches are $25.00

Golf pricing will remain the same. The cruise will be increased to $50 per ticket, sponsorship will be $350 and will include 1 ticket.  Andrea will contact Matt at Boston Belle to lock in rate and date for summer of 2018.


The Christmas party will be held at the Hall- authorized by Bill Flannery. We will decorate, provide music, door prizes, and put together a slide show/hall of fame/historical program.  It was suggested to “interview” Bob Sheehan to gather MESA history.


Finally we discussed low attendance at meetings and agreed to call some of our members and ex-members who were once active and have not come for a while. We each took 4 or 5 names to call for the Nov 14 meeting.


This concludes the Minutes of the Meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Andrea Hunt, Secretary.