MESA provides this page as an attempt to consolidate links to the Elevator and Building Code information currently in play in the Commonwealth, please use this information only as a guide to direct your review of Codes and Code issues directly to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).  The comments are posted but only significant comments are maintained on the page.
If you have a comment, clarification, or suggestion for the latest version of the 524 CMR, mail or fax it to:

Department of Public Safety – Elevator Division
Mr. Robert Chiampi – Code Coordinator
One Ashburton Place, 13th Floor, Room 1301
Boston, MA  02108
Ph: 617-727-3200
Fx: 617-248-0813

The Chief of Inspections is available via email at:

MA Department of Public Safety

DPS Contact Page

Architectural Access Board Page

Department of Fire Services Page

DPS Calendar

Public Hearings within the Commonwealth

State Publications and Regulations page/Secretary of State

MA 524 CMR – Board of Elevator Regulations

Board of Elevator Regulations/DPS

MA 780 CMR – The Building Code of Massachusetts

MA Building Code/BBRS

 CODEWORD, the BBRS newsletter.

MESA gathers Code information from various sources, there can be some lag time between updates to this website and the AHJ’s information and schedule.  It is best to confirm directly with the AHJ for any Code information or questions

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